Plant-Based Solutions for Weight Loss & Healing


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Plant-Based Solutions for Weight Loss & Healing

Hungry for easy, healthy, and stupidly delicious food?

Includes 30+ plant-based breakfast, lunch, and dinner recipes & Meal Plan

The reason why your beloved butter, cheese, and steak are off the menu

Colorful veggies & fruits, grains, legumes, complex carbs, and healthy fats help you body fight disease (even if they run in your family).

Studies continue to link diets high in red and processed meats to increased risk of cancer, weight gain, and other health related issues. While plant-based diets have shown to protect the body from cancer and help those recovering from treatments and other chronic illnesses (diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol, weight gain, high blood pressure, joint pain etc).

A plant-based diet can make you feel like a superhero - minus the wedgie-prone tights.

That’s right. Plant-based and vegan diets - they’re not just for crunchy granola types anymore!

A plant-based diet can deliver the health and lifestyle you deserve. Plus, help you break up with dieting (for good), calorie counting, and those insane self-induced guilt trips after a late-night foodie binge session.

If you’re a skeptic and wondering how you could possibly give up your favorite cheese platter at your local wine bar - I’m patting the seat next to me.

I’m offering a free 30 min health coaching session where we’ll talk about your #1 most pressing health concern. And, because I want to show you just how delicious a plant-based diet is, I’ll send you my top 3 breakfast recipes (quick to make and easy to take on-the-go).

This is your opportunity to get your health and wellness questions answered by someone other than Google. (plus, It’s totally free!)


Power to the Plants!

The Green Spatula is your #1 resource for plant-based solutions and health coaching for chronic health and lifestyle challenges like cancer, diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol, weight gain, high blood pressure, joint pain, bloating, fatigue, brain fog, skin conditions, constipation, digestive issues, stress, overwhelm, depression, anxiety and more.

Discover Easy & Delicious Ways to Transition to a Plant-Based Diet for Weight Loss, Healing & Total Vibrancy.


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Meet Christina

Christina is a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and a plant-based home cook.

Christina is a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and a plant-based home cook.

Your New Health Coach

Breakouts, blotchy skin, digestive issues, fatigue, weight gain, low self esteem, and stress are all normal aspects of adolescence and adulthood, right?

It’s totally normal to gain 30 lbs during your college years and feel utterly hopeless in ever losing that extra weight. Feeling tired, bloated, uncomfortable, and guilty after meals is just a way of life (especially if we, as women, choose anything but that salad option on the menu).

Really? I mean, honestly, there must be a better way!

This was my reality until I reached my breaking point back in 2016. I was fed up with being emotionally controlled by food and feeling physically ill. I decided to make a life altering change that would take my health to new heights and forever heal my body.

When I decided to adopt a plant-based diet everything changed!

I started losing weight (even though I was eating more), my skin cleared, my digestion issues disappeared, I had so much energy that I decided to run my first half marathon, and I felt so good about how my body looked and felt.

A plant-based diet saved my life! Do you think it could save yours?

How Can a Plant-Based Diet Help You?

Ready to Connect?

Schedule a FREE 30 minute Health Coaching Session with me and we’ll discuss your #1 most pressing health issue.

+ I’ll send you my top 3 breakfast recipes that are perfect for on-the-go!


Why Health Coaching?

It’s rare for anyone, especially as a women, to get time to explore your wellness goals with a trained professional. As an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, I create a supportive environment that enables you to articulate and achieve those goals. Throughout my education, I have been exposed to the most cutting-edge dietary theories and studied highly effective coaching techniques to help you find the right lifestyle that works best for you.


Every client's journey is different. That is what makes health coaching so exciting! You and I will work together to create manageable steps, which are unique to your needs, that will carry you through the most transformative journey of your life. At the end of your Signature Monthly Program or Hourly Session, you will see yourself changed for the better!


One person's leisurely walk, is another's sprint. We are all different and the pace of our health journey should be viewed with the same attitude. After each session, we will discuss and find achievable action steps that will help you reach your health goals.  


With so many fad diets and conflicting information surrounding health and nutrition, eating well can quickly become confusing and overwhelming. With my coaching, we will dial into what your body needs and understand what foods works the best with your system and lifestyle.

Kind Words

"10/10 will be working with Christina and The Green Spatula again in the future. This felt less like a program, and more of a journey of self-discovery; one that Christina was on with me. She has a unique ability to adapt to her clients and works with you to discover the root of whatever problem/s you're having.

After a month of working with Christina, I'm happier and healthier than I've ever been! I had already severely altered my diet months before working with Christina, but she was the perfect cherry on top of my refined-sugar free journey. Although I'd already made changes, Christina helped me stick with those changes as well as focus on the other part of my health I'd been neglecting: my mental health. Together, we worked through the source of my stress and anxiety along with discovering positive healthy ways to manage it. I know I'll be working with her again, and highly recommend her to anyone looking to make positive changes in their lives.”

- Mallory P., Oviedo, FL

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