15 Simple Habits Healthy People do that you Should Steal

Health made easy - yes, it’s possible

Ever wonder how some people make healthy living look so darn easy and effortless? Like, they were born with a special gene making them predisposed to enjoy kale, have amazingly radiant skin (seriously, do you have an in-house dermatologist?), and post super-bendy and fit yoga pictures of themselves on Instagram?

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15 Mindful Affirmations to Start your Morning

Your first 30 waking minutes determines the rest of your day - start with mindfulness

“Mindfulness” is the latest buzzword in the health and wellness community - much like self-care, probiotics, CBD, matcha, green beauty, meditation, gut health, plant-based, and social media detox.

Although it seems like the latest craze, if used daily, mindfulness significantly…

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3 Different Ways to Use Vegan Protein Powder - That Aren't Smoothies

“You’re vegan? So, where do you get your protein from?”

Ah, yes. The question every vegan/vegetarian faces when talking to someone about their diet. I welcome this curiosity since it gives me the opportunity to talk about the health benefits of plant-based proteins to the more common and well-known one; animal products.

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