10 Last Minute Holiday Gifts That’ll Impress Any Scrooge

Gift procrastinators unite!

Christmas is only a couple week away! Are you ready and have done all your holiday shopping or have you procrastinated? Not going to lie but I still have a few people on my list…

I’ve pulled some of my favorite things from this past year into this holiday gift guide that’ll help you shop. No need to go through several different gift guides for “him” or “her” because this list includes a wide range of items that’ll be perfect no matter who’s still on your list.

Plus, all these gifts are from Amazon so they’ll be at your door within 2 days. 🙌🏼

(my house runs on Amazon Prime and tacos 💃🏻)

10 LAST minute holiday gifts that'll impress any Scrooge - It's got everything from books and skincare to kitchen gadgets and board games. It has ideas for everyone on your list! 10 gifts that people will actually use and enjoy. you can get these delivered to your house in just 2 days (thanks Amazon) and totally avoid the holiday crowds at the mall. #giftguide #christmas #wellness #vegan #plantbased #vegan #health


  1. “You are a Badass” by Jen Sincero - This book has changed my life. Seriously! It has helped my husband and I change our perspectives to be more positive, mindful, and far more optimistic. It’s funny, encouraging, and may cause miracles. A great book everyone should read! Click here for the book.

  2. Jabra Move Wireless Stereo Headphones - No need to spend $300 on headphones! I was searching for some wireless headphones and found the perfect pair. This one sits comfortably on your ears (adjustable headband), has a long battery life, and easily connects with any phone or computer. The sound quality is amazing and it has a built-in microphone to easily answer calls. It comes with an optional cord so you can use it on flights or if the battery runs out. I use mine everyday on walks with my dog (I kept getting tangled with her leash) and when I clean or cook. This is the perfect pair of headphones for kids, teens, and adults! Click here for the headphones.

  3. “Minimalist Baker's Everyday Cooking” by Dana Shultz - This was the first vegan cookbook I received and I still use it regularly! My husband gave it to me as a birthday gift three years ago and we frequently pull dinner inspiration from its pages. When he first gave it to me, I was still learning how to cook plant-based/vegan and these recipes were perfect since they were easy to follow and very straightforward (no complicated ingredients). Our favorites are the enchiladas (perfect for a crowd) and the vegan “no-tuna” salad sandwich. This cookbook has amazing recipes any foodie in your life will love! Click here for the cookbook.

  4. NutriBullet Pro with Hardcover Recipe Book Included - A powerful blender that’s still my trusty go-to! I’ve been using my NutriBullet for over three years and it makes the best smoothies, creamy sauces, and pancake batter. I even use it to grind seeds and oats to make flour. I bought a larger high-speed blender last year for bigger jobs but I still regularly use my Nutribullet. It’s the perfect size and very easy to clean. This is the ideal gift for anyone in your life wanting to improve their health but needs something to make that commitment easy and delicious. Click here for the best blender ever.

  5. Bohnanza - If you’ve got a board game lover in your circle then you’ve got to get them this for Christmas! Bohnanza is a favorite in my family and we regularly play it. The premise? You’re a bean farmer (yes, a bean farmer) and you’ve got to collect/plant as many beans as you can so you can earn coins. You pick cards (different types of beans) from the deck but you’ve also negotiate with other players to get the beans you need. The one with the most coins wins. Yes, I know what you must be thinking. A game about beans? Really? Trust me, this is a game you’ve GOT to get for your family. Click here for the funniest game to play with your fam and friends.

  6. Golden Hour Recovery Cream by Ursa Major - I stumbled upon this product about 4 months ago when I was looking for a highly nourishing cream that could help calm my red and dry skin. This moisturizer has worked miracles (it even healed a rash around my nose)! The redness is almost gone and my skin is no longer dry and flaky. This cream uses all natural ingredients like Sea Buckthorn and Calendula, which are both great for acne, wrinkles, and soothing the skin. I highly recommend this product for anyone in your life that loves skincare. Or, this could make a great gift for yourself! Click here for magic in a jar.

  7. “Thug Kitchen: The Official Cookbook: Eat Like You Give a F*ck” by Thug Kitchen - I was gifted this cookbook a few years ago by my dear friend and was instantly salivating at all the delicious plant-based/vegan recipes. Plus, the writing is hilarious, sassy, and super crass. This cookbook makes an excellent gift for anyone interested in cooking new and healthier recipes or chuckles at clever food descriptions and instructions (it’s f*cking great!). Click here for the sassiest cookbook ever.

  8. 3-Pack Variety of NOW Essential Oils: Tea Tree, Eucalyptus, Lavender - Naturally calm your senses, unwind, and fight colds with the powerful therapeutic qualities of essential oils. I grew up surrounded by essential oils (thanks mom) and I still use them daily. This set is wonderful since it has 3 of my favorites, which is perfect to gift to essential oil beginners:


    This oil is a must! Lavender is well known to help promote relaxation, treat anxiety, ease restlessness, and improve sleep (I diffuse it nightly right before bed) but it’s also great for soothing bug bites, burns, and PMS symptoms. Lavender is my favorite oil because it smells divine and is so versatile.

    Tea Tree:

    Tea Tree has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that can help boost your immune system, disinfect wounds, and make powerful natural cleaners for your home. It’s also a great acne remedy and I’ve been using it as a spot treatment for years. To make a great toner try mixing a few drops with witch hazel to calm redness, reduce swelling, and prevent acne scars. If you’re using Tre Tree directly on the skin, make sure to dilute the oil with coconut oil or another carrier oil.


    Eucalyptus has similar anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties like Tea Tree but is also great for any respiratory issues or colds. I diffuse the oil whenever I have a cough or stuffy nose while I sleep, which helps clear my sinuses so I can breath better. If you’re very congested make a eucalyptus steam bath by taking a large bowl, add very hot water, and 2-3 drops of eucalyptus oil. Hover your head over the bowl with a kitchen towel over you and breath in deep.

    Click here for relaxation in a bottle.

  9. Viva Naturals Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser - I cannot survive without my diffuser! I actually have three (one in the kitchen, my office, and bedroom) and love trying out different scent combinations. This gift would compliment the essential oil set above perfectly! Click here for the diffuser.

  10. You Are a Badass 2019 Day-to-Day Calendar - Who wouldn’t enjoy a pep-talk every morning? This calendar is perfect for anyone already familiar with “You are a Badass” or someone who could use some loving encouragement. Give this to anyone in your life who works hard to give them daily reminders that they’re doing a great job. Click here for the most positive calendar ever.

And there you have it! 10 gifts that people will actually use and enjoy. Want to know the best part? You can get these delivered to your house in just 2 days (thanks Amazon) and totally avoid the holiday crowds at the mall. That sounds like a dream.

Let’s halt our gift procrastination together and let’s finish up our shopping.

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas surrounded by friends, family, and lot’s of delicious food!

Much love,


10 LAST minute holiday gifts that'll impress any Scrooge - If you're stuck and have no idea what to get the people in your life for the holidays check out this gift guide. It's got everything from books and skincare to kitchen gadgets and board games. It has ideas for everyone on your list! 10 gifts that people will actually use and enjoy. Want to know the best part? You can get these delivered to your house in just 2 days (thanks Amazon) and totally avoid the holiday crowds at the mall. That sounds like a dream! #giftguide #christmas #wellness #vegan #plantbased #vegan #health

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