3 Tips to Calm the Body and Mind

The hustle is too real!

Listen, the stresses of everyday are hard enough. You want to maintain a work/life balance, exercise, watch the newest season of Queer Eye, eat semi-healthy, pay the bills, shower, sleep 7-8 hours, drink more water than wine, and remember to call your mom… Oh hunny, that is a lot to handle! In order to take care of yourself and maintain your sanity, I have listed my top 3 tips to practice self-care so you can easily calm your mind and body.

Self-care is the key to feeling in charge of your life because when you feel amazing, there is nothing that can stand in your way!

I have also listed some of my favorite essential oils to help you relax even further. You can even take these oils with you in your bag to help keep you calm and centered throughout the day. 

Remember to download my to-go essential oil diffuser blends at the end of the post!

1. Take a Bath


I take baths as often as possible since they are so relaxing and easily turn my mood around. Add essential oils, like lavender + lemon, and 1-2 cups of epsom salts to help detoxify your system and help calm down your mind. Grab your book, a glass of wine, and light some candles to fully enter relaxation mode!

If you don’t have a bath or are short on time, just use your shower! Drop a few drops of eucalyptus oil on a wet washcloth and place that around your shower head. The steam will help carry the scent around your bathroom, which will clear your head and uplift your mood.

Suggested oils: grapefruit, eucalyptus, lavender

2. Yoga/Meditation

You don’t have to be an avid yogi or expert at meditation to experience the benefits. You don’t even need a membership to a studio! YouTube has a plethora of amazing instructors that have free videos ranging in lengths and difficulty levels. All you need is your laptop/phone and a mat or a towel to practice on.

Pick a quite and comfortable room in your home that is away from any distractions (like people talking or a the sounds from the TV). You can use oils such as lavender and frankincense (a few drops on your mat or on your wrists) for deeper relaxation. Then, pick a video and let’s get on that mat!

If you want to try meditation, all you need is yourself and your breath! Again, find a quiet spot in your home and rest in a comfortable position. You can sit cross-legged with you back straight and relaxed or you can lie your back. It doesn't matter how you sit as long as you are comfortable and your breathing isn't impaired (avoid lying on your stomach). Close your eyes and breath in and out normally. Focus on your breath as it enters and leaves your body. You are not forcing your focus or trying to "clear" your mind but simple witnessing the breath. If your thoughts pull your attention away, just return to your breath and continue to breathe.


You can also use a "mantra" or phrase to help your focus. When my mind is too distracted it helps to think that I am “breathing in” and “breathing out.” This anchor helps focus my attention back onto my breath.

Sit for 5 minutes or longer. You can turn on some gentle music to help your practice and use frankincense increase the spiritual nature of your meditation. Place some of the oil on your wrists and chest.

Suggested oils: lavender and frankincense


3. Walk

Getting out into nature is an instant mood booster. Fresh air and sunshine is the perfect remedy especially after being stuck indoors all day long working on the computer. I love taking Kyra, our dog, out for a walk around our neighborhood. It helps clear my head, stretches both of our legs, and I take the time to listen to podcasts or an audiobook. I actually think of my best ideas for blog posts or life predicaments when I go for walks (also in the shower funny enough).

I will often grab my peppermint essential oil when I go for walks and put some on my temples, wrists, and behind my ears. My job as a health coach requires a lot of time in front of screens, which causes me to get headaches from time to time. The tingly minty scent clears my headache and gives me so much energy to continue my day. If you are feeling overwhelmed and a bit down, you can also use grapefruit to boost your positivity.

Suggested oils: peppermint and grapefruit

My Favorite Oils

1. Lavender (relaxing: yoga, bath, sleep)


When I hear the word “essential oil,” I instantly think of lavender. It’s a staple to any essential oil collection and it’s the perfect scent to start using as a beginner. Lavender has a fresh and floral scent as well as powerful calming properties, which is why the oil is so popular and well loved.

It’s the go-to oil in my house for anything from relieving stress to healing burns. 

Uses: Add a couple drop onto your pillowcase before bed for a relaxing night’s sleep, on your yoga mat to infuse your practice with a calming scent, or even in your bath (remember the epsom salts!). If you are feeling strong emotions of excitement and anticipation leading up to your wedding day, put some lavender on your wrists and on your head behind ear. It will help you stay mellow so you can get rest!


2. Frankincense (grounding: meditation, skin)

This is a new discovery that has been a surprise! I recently ordered an essential oil starter kit that had the oil included. Frankincense has skin healing properties that have been helping with my acne and scars. It also has spiritual and grounding elements that can enhance meditation and pray.

Stress messes up my digestion which in turn causes my breakouts. So I have been using the oil with Jojoba oil on my skin and I can tell a difference! My skin tone is much less red around the areas where I tend to get acne (jaw bone, right check, and in between my brows) and it also helps with fine lines. I will diffuse the oil along with grapefruit (number 5 on this list) to grounding my energy and boost my mood!

Uses: Mix 1 drop with a carrier oil for acne or as a spot treatment on troublesome areas on your face. Place a few drops on your wrists when meditating as the oil has spiritual and grounding qualities.


3. Peppermint (fresh: headaches, bloating and digestion)

Like lavender, peppermint is a staple in my house. My mom would always give us peppermint in some water if we had tummy troubles or put some on our temples for headaches. It has a fresh and tingly sensation and it is a lifesaver! The herb has been used for centuries for its medicinal properties. They have even found traces of peppermint in Egyptian pyramids, mentions in Greek mythology, and in ancient Chinese medicine! A natural remedy for tension and digestion problems with no side effects? Sign me up!

Uses: A drop in warm water as an invigorating and digestive tea. Alleviate headaches, stress, a groggy mind, and tension by placing the oil on your temples and on the back of your neck. If the oil on its own is too strong, mix with coconut oil (about a dime sized amount) to dilute the peppermint. Mix the two in your hands and rub it onto the back of your neck and shoulders.


4. Eucalyptus (purifying and cleansing: shower/bath, removes stale odors)


Eucalyptus is associated with the lungs and purifies stale and congested air. It’s great to help with any respiratory problems, like asthma, bronchitis, and even pneumonia! It has antimicrobial properties so it’s a great natural germ repellent to add to your home cleaners: laundry detergent, soaps, dishwashing liquid, floor cleaner, bathroom and toilet bowl cleaner. The options are endless!  

Uses: Mix eucalyptus and peppermint with some coconut oil for a DIY Vapor Rub. Store the ingredients in an airtight container and rub your chest with the mixture as needed. You can also diffuse eucalyptus overnight to help clear out colds and flu symptoms from the body or, for more instant relief, you can make a eucalyptus steam bath. Pour 1 cup of boiling water into a bowl and then drop 3-5 drops of eucalyptus. Hover your face over the bowl so you feel the steam, cover your head with a towel, and breath deeply for 5-10 minutes.


5. Grapefruit (happy: uplifting, positive, and helps with weight loss)

Grapefruit is an amazing oil to include into your daily routine to boost your mood, help with weight loss, fight inflammation, lessen hangovers, and relieve stress. How can one oil do all of that?

Like eucalyptus, grapefruit has antimicrobial and anti-fungal properties. It has been shown to lessen the yeast in our guts that can cause candida and reduces cravings. It helps eliminate bloat, excess water, and stimulates your liver and gallbladder to get rid of toxins after a night of too many drinks.

Uses: Diffuse the oil in your home, add one-two drops in a large glass of water, or use it topically on your neck and wrists.*

*Anytime you intend to ingest an oil make sure you are purchasing 100% pure therapeutic oil that only has one ingredient, the oil. Make sure to buy all your oils from a reputable company to receive oils safe for internal and external use.

Who needs a fancy spa to relax when you can create your own at home? By using the tips above, you'll see your stress diminish and begin to find the joy in your day-to-day. Add the essential oils and you'll be ready to conquer anything of your to-do list! 

If you have any questions or you would like to know where I get my oils from leave me a comment bellow OR send me an email: christina@thegreenspatula.com