How One Spice Cured my Heartburn

Can your spice cabinet be as powerful as your medicine cabinet? Let's find out...

I cannot begin to tell you how much my life improved once I switched to a plant-based diet. I can listen to my hunger cues more clearly, I lost weight and kept it off, I don’t crave junk food, my skin cleared up, and I can poop on a regular bases (hooray for #✌️). I could go on with all the positives but there is one NEGATIVE thing that I have to share.

Discover how 1 spice cured my heartburn! Alleviate the burning discomfort from your life for good without drugs or medications. If you suffer from heartburn or acid reflux or any digestion issues, this is the blog for you. #heartburn #foodismedicine #vegan #plantbased #holistichealth #drugfree #spice #cleaneating

About a year into eating a vegan/plant-based diet, I started experiencing serious heartburn. Yes, HEARTBURN! I thought that was something pregnant women experienced or you got from eating too many greasy meals. Since I was neither preggo nor eating fried foods, I was very confused and wanted to find out why this was happening. I also wanted to avoid popping those chalky tablets and find a more natural remedy. To the internet we go!

Heartburn happens when there is a buildup of excess stomach acid and the valve between the stomach and the esophagus has weakened (potentially due to fatty foods, citrus juice, alcohol, obesity, or pregnancy). When the valve isn’t as tight as it should be, acid can travel up the esophagus and create a burning sensation. Thanks WebMD but this information didn’t answer why I was experiencing heartburn.

I knew it had something to do with my plant-based diet since I had never had an issue prior to switching my diet. While researching, I discovered that eating dairy helps since it coats the stomach and ease the excess acid production. As I used to eat a lot of greek yogurt and cheese, that would explain why I was just now starting to experience heartburn. Additionally, as my blood group is O, I tend to have a higher level of stomach acid than the other blood types to better digest protein and fat.


So there I was, feeling like my stomach acid was trying to burn a hole through my esophagus when I stumbled upon an Instagram post that had the answer.


While scrolling through my feed one day, I saw a new post by one of my favorite holistic health bloggers, Organic Olivia (click HERE to see the original post). It was a post on how Turks and Middle Easterners often add a specific spice to neutralize the acidity in their coffee. CARDAMOM! Could it really be that easy? I already had that spice sitting in my cabinet. According to Olivia,

“Cardamom is highly alkaline, making it an excellent antidote to acid. As a member of the ginger family, cardamom has been used to make heavy and acidic foods easier to digest for more than 5,000 years. In Ayurveda, the seeds are used as lozenges to suck on after meals to aid digestion, reduce mucus buildup in the body and naturally combat gas.”


After reading that I knew I had found the remedy I had been searching for! The next morning I started adding cardamom to my oatmeal and begun to feel an improvement. Now, I add it to my breakfast everyday and have shared this trick with as many people as I can. If you suffer from really bad heartburn try this cardamom-oat combination. The high fiber content in the oats helps absorb excess acid and the cardamon will help your digestion.

How cool is it that our kitchen (especially our spice cabinet) can be a powerful resource at improving our health? So let me know, do you suffer from heartburn? Do you have another natural remedy that you like to use? I would love to hear your thought!

Have a wonderful week my friends :)