3 Tips for a Stress-Free and Savvy Grocery Shopping Trip

You have been dreading the inevitable for the past two days now and the situation has become dire.

There are no more groceries in your fridge and you have been living off of leftovers. To make matters worse, you have started to dipped into your emergency hurricane food supply (I may or may not have done that a few times myself). Also, when you want to change your health around, eating more whole foods, fruits, and veggies are a major part of the equation but knowing what to buy at the store can be confusing. So, I compiled this list of 3 tips to help you feel less overwhelmed and make grocery shopping easy and maybe even enjoyable.

1. Know When to Go and Your Store


The key to experiencing a semi-decent trip to the grocery store is to go when there are less people. Searching the parking lot for a cart, fighting your way around the aisle, and waiting for 20 min just to check-out can put anyone is a foul mood. I have found that once you are familiar with your local store, you have a better idea of when you should schedule your trips.

Stores tend to get pretty hectic around 4-6 pm on weekdays as many people swing by on their way home from work. If possible, try going during odd hours (mid-day on weekdays) or early in the morning on the weekends.

TIP: When shopping for groceries, stay on the outer perimeters of the store. That is where all the fresh and less processed ingredients are located. The center of the store has the packaged and heavily processed goods like chips, breads, sugary cereals, and drinks.


2. Eat the Rainbow

The easiest tip to keep in mind when you want to purchase groceries for a healthier diet, is to eat the rainbow! Fill your cart with as many colorful vegetables and fruits that you like and enjoy. A wide variety of colorful plants provide the highest number of phytochemicals and nutrients, which will make you feel amazing, give your hair/nails/skin an amazing glow, and nourish each of your cells! Feel the power of the rainbow!


Frozen veggies are a great budget-friendly option for a quick dinner as they are won’t spoil and are already prepped (make sure that the only ingredient on the label is the vegetable). Just toss in a pan with some fresh garlic, add a tasty sauce (store bought teriyaki or make your own: my favorite is mix of tahini, garlic coconut aminos, mustard, lime, coconut nectar, and sriracha), make a pot of rice and you have a yummy and nutritious dinner!

TIP: Berries have antioxidants to help your body stop or delay damage to your cells and help improve your skin. They are also low in sugar, multiple vitamins, minerals, and are SUPER delicious but they can be expensive. I buy a big bag of frozen berries (organic if possible) and use them in my oatmeal, smoothies, and baked goods. It’s less expensive and they won’t go bad as quick. (If you do have fresh berries that are heading towards their last day and will soon sprout fuzz, wash/dry them and toss them into the freezer in a ziplock).

3. Be a Detective

When you pick up an item in the store, it is important that you turn the box or packaging over and examine the ingredient list. It’s always good to know what goes into your body as you only want the best fuel to feel your best. My golden rule is to only buy items that list ingredients that I recognize and that I can actually pronounce. The shorter the list the better! GMO’s, artificial sugars/sweeteners, flavors, and colors are items that you want to avoid adding to your diet as they can contribute to poor health. Focus your diet on items that are grown or roam the earth rather than items that are created in a lab.

You did it! Congratulations on conquering the grocery store and your shopping list. Now, time to get into the kitchen and make some yummy meals!

I hope these tips help you in all your future shopping tips! Let me know if you have any questions or tips that you would like to share in the comments below.



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