The 3 Questions to Ask to Crush your New Year's Resolutions

Was 2018 Your Year?

There are only a few days left of 2018, and soon you’ll stand at the beginning of a brand new year filled with possibilities. Before you know it, you’ll be back in the swing of it and, most likely, back to your old routine.

But, is that what you want?

Do you want to repeat last year or do you want to change things up? Are you finally ready to check off that giant goal that has been stewing in the back of your mind or scribbled down in one of your notebooks? Well, then let’s not waste any more time!

Here are the three questions you MUST ask to set yourself up for success and accomplish your New Year's resolutions.

Grab your favorite journal and answer these questions to make 2019 the year you finally reach your goals!

Remember to download your free journal prompts at the end to seriously kick-start 2019!

3 questions to ask to crush your New Year’s resolutions - Avoid repeating the last year and set yourself up for success! Use these 3 questions to help you accomplish your New Year's resolutions. Go deeper with a free journaling download that will help you reflect and review the past year. #yearinreview #freedownload #selfcare #newyear #journal #positivemindset

1. Why This Goal?

Now that you’ve picked your goal, answer this before you start working towards it: why do you want to accomplish this specific goal?

When you take a moment to reflect and find your reason WHY you’ll uncover the emotional connections to your goal. As human beings, we’re extremely emotionally driven, and if you know that the outcome of your goal will make you feel good, you’re more likely to see it through - even when it gets hard or uncomfortable. Spent 5-10 minutes answering this question in your favorite journal.

Let’s me show you how this works:

Say, your goal is to lose 20 lbs (this was mine for several years). Your initial reason to losing the weight is to lose weight, but after thinking a bit more, you discover that a weight loss would mean increased energy, confidence, self-love, and a better relationship with food.

You start visualizing yourself accomplishing your goal and begin to imagine how you’d feel. You’d see how losing weight and increasing your confidence would change how you act, carry yourself, interact with people, and how you’d treat yourself with more kindness and compassion. By finding your WHY and picturing yourself accomplishing your goal, you’ll create positive mental images that’ll ignite your motivation to keep you going. Now, you'll gladly work towards your goal since you have an idea of how amazing it will feel once you lose the weight.

3 questions to ask to crush your New Year’s resolutions. Make 2019 the year you finally reach your goals! Go deeper with a free journaling download that will help you reflect and review the past year. #yearinreview #freedownload #selfcare #newyear #journal #positivemindset

2. How CAn I make this Fun?

Working towards your goals is a big task. And, most likely, you’ve been picking the same resolution year after year with unwavering hope that this will be THE year - only to get discouraged and give up three weeks later.

So, ask yourself, “how can I make this fun?” “How can I enjoy working towards my goal and avoid feeling frustrated?”

Whatever make you feel pampered or lights a fire under your behind, reward yourself with it!

Is it scheduling bi-weekly massages, picking up a new item from LOFT after each week you stick to your goal or going out and trying out a new restaurant each month?

Reward your hard work along the way and I promise the process will become instantly more enjoyable.

3. What Happens if I DO nothing?

What would happen if you do nothing to work towards your goal over the next 12 months? How would this impact your day-to-day? How will you feel on December 31st, 2019? How would it affect the people around you?

Ask yourself these questions, and you'll show your brain the negative consequences of ending the year without making the changes you desire. It’ll show you the opposite of your desired outcome and will give you even more reasons to achieve your goal. Remember, we’re emotionally driven so if we know the outcome of our goal before we start, you’ll be far more committed to see it through.

This’s a simple but powerful exercise.

Emotions (your WHY) and visualizations are the rocket fuel to your desire of accomplishing a goal. Use them!

And that’s it! You have all the tools you need to get working on your goal.

After answering these questions, you’ll feel incredibly excited and ready to get to work on your goal. You’ll have the specific reasons WHY you want to crush this goal, HOW you’re going to reward yourself along the way, and WHAT would happen if you didn’t make an effort.

Even if you change your goal during the year, come back to these three questions to help you get started.

Know that you have the power to reach any goal that fires you up. It might not happen right away, but if you consistently work at it, you’ll find yourself pleasantly reaching your goal without sacrificing your quality of life.

It’s time to get to it! Let me know in the comments below what your goals are for 2019! Do you have any other tips to share with my readers? I would love to hear them :)

Much love,


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