What's the Magic Word?

Research is slowly uncovering the “secret sauce” to finding happiness and the answer might have been with us since childhood.

As kids, we learned from our parents that there are two magical words. They were the super secret passwords that would get you into the land of ice cream and watching TV past your bedtime. These words are “please” and “thank you.” Now, as adults, we have learn that uttering these words are crucial to being polite and seeming like decent humans. But “thank you” or the act of being grateful has gained more popularity now as people are realizing how powerful and magical this sentiment truly is to our quality of life and happiness level. Multiple studies have shown that people who are grateful for what they have are less depressed, sleep better, create better relationships, and suffer from less stress. Even websites like the Huffington Post and Forbes urge their readers to embrace gratitude as it has tremendous impact on our quality of life. Gratitude helps to focus on the positives in your life so you can open yourself up to receiving even more positivity and abundance. A daily gratitude practice is one of the simplest, cheapest, and significant ways to improving your health and happiness.

And you can start doing it right now! Here are three easy examples that you can do to create and integrate a daily gratitude practice:

Speak your “thank you”s

The quickest way to practice gratitude is to say them outloud. You can think them and picture them in your head but there is a power to speaking them. By giving your gratitude a voice, you reaffirm their positivity since you can now hear them as well.

Pick a time that you can consistently dedicate to saying “thank you.” Many people suggest to do it in the morning before you get out of bed so you can start your day off on a positive note. I like to do it at night since it helps end a long and busy day with happy thoughts as I drift off to sleep. I also like involve my husband so we say three to four things that we are grateful for as we lay in bed. Pick a time that works for you and feel free to involve a loved one! It will help to spread the act of gratitude to more people.

Write them out

If you like to journal, this is the example for you. Again, pick a time that you can dedicate to your practise (you can even set a daily reminder on your phone) and get to writing. Write down three to four things that you value and watch your mindset change as you fill more and more pages. Keep your journal by your bedside table so you can easily reach it in the morning or at night.

Meditate on the positive

Add some gratitude to your meditation. Even if you meditate everyday or you can’t stand the thought of sitting still, you can reap all the benefits from a just short three to five minute session. I find meditating challenging as my brain constantly buzzes with to-do lists and “what ifs?” so I have found that focusing on a phrase or mantra while breathing helps my concentration. Pick one or two things that you are grateful for and visualize them while you sit in a comfy chair or lay down on your bed. Close your eyes and feel your breath envelope your body as your chest and belly expand and deflate. Sit as long as you like.

Now that you have the tools to start your own gratitude routine, you can enter into the new year with a fresh perspective of all the good and wonderful in your life and see it multiply in 2018. Gratitude attracts abundance and more positivity so let’s get to it!

I am so appreciative of you taking the time to visit and read this post. You make it possible for me to do what I do and I hope that this, along with my other blog entries, resonate with you. If you have suggestions for future posts or topics that interest you, please leave them in the comments below. I know that 2018 will be an amazing year for The Green Spatula and I am thrilled to have you join me.

I wish you a very magical New Year!


Christina Dobosz2 Comments