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3 Different Ways to Use Vegan Protein Powder - That Aren't Smoothies

“You’re vegan? So, where do you get your protein from?”

Ah, yes. The question every vegan/vegetarian faces when talking to someone about their diet. I welcome this curiosity since it gives me the opportunity to talk about the health benefits of plant-based proteins to the more common and well-known one; animal products.

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How One Spice Cured my Heartburn

Can your spice cabinet be as powerful as your medicine cabinet? Let's find out...

I cannot begin to tell you how much my life improved once I switched to a plant-based diet. I can listen to my hunger cues more clearly, I lost weight and kept it off, I don’t crave junk food, my skin cleared up, and I can poop on a regular bases (hooray for #✌️)…

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Top 5 Steps to Healing your Skin Before the Party Season Starts + My Skincare Routine

Let's find that glow!

The holiday season is just about to start and I’m sure your calendar is filling up with Thanksgiving plans, trips to meet Santa, holiday office parties, ugly Christmas sweater festivities, and your annual (and outfit coordinated) family Christmas shoot. But when you have acne, smiling at the camera or accidentally reuniting with your ex at a friend’s Christmas party…

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