30 Night Sleep Reset

Learn how catching some zzz's is just as important as what you do in the gym, find your triggers to lousy sleep, and begin to love your mornings.

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"My sleep quality prior to starting this course was crap. Trouble falling asleep, staying asleep and feeling rested in the morning.

My thinking about sleep has totally changed which has really helped my overall sleep experience. It has helped my anxiety tons and to not feel as foggy during the day. It's helpful to have the accountability and have someone help guide you on the different strategies instead of trying to do it alone. I recommend this course to people who are feeling overwhelmed and have no idea where to start, what to do, and be that accountability and support. Christina is the best! Genuine, caring, thoughtful."

- Danae Z., Seattle, WA

"I thought my sleep was good before starting the course, but would wake up tired in the mornings and lacking energy during the day. I was sleeping 7 hours a night, always going to bed a bit to late (watching Netflix in bed). My sleep now is much better, I wake up less during the night and have much more energy during the day. I had no idea that just adding one hour of sleep would have such an impact on the overall quality of life the following day.

I also snack less in the evenings, as a result I find that I wake up more rested and have more energy and mental clarity during the day.

Christina is very easy to talk to and gives her advice in a very professional manner. She is a very good listener and not at all pushy, her approach is not to make drastic changes but instead suggesting small adjustments which makes sense. I really liked that between our sessions she would send me further documentation and information on topics we touched on in our conversations. I would recommend this course to anybody who would like to improve their daily life - after taking the Sleep Reset course I have experienced firsthand that with improved sleep comes better quality of life."

- Nicolai S. West Palm Beach, FL

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"This experience of the 30 night sleep reset was awesome! I really enjoyed watching Christina’s webinar, she was easy to follow and full of enthusiasm. I was sold towards the end. Now, I must say I usually do not buy courses after webinars, thinking I can do it on my own. This time I wanted to give it a try and have guidance and accountability. I was totally right. I would not have been able to go through such a process of establishing a good/healthy routine on my own. I eliminated drinking coffee during this period and have realized that I don’t need it, there are other healthier alternatives like Matcha lattes and green teas.

Every week I looked forward to telling Christina what I had done and share with her my experiences. Then she would give me little assignments enough for me to be able to actually do them.She totally adapts to the individual/client and only asks feasible tasks and changes. She is caring and listens to you, then she advises what works best for you. She is awesome! All in all this experience has been very interesting and a definite eye-opener. I enjoyed working with Christina very much and will be on the lookout for future webinars/courses she may offer." 

- Desiree G., West Palm Beach, FL