"My confidence in my skills as well as how I perceive my internal and external environment has changed tremendously. Having confidence and belief in myself that I am capable of achieving a goal or dream I set has really changed my perspective, especially when I put in the work. It is a wonderful feeling. My coach, Christina, correlated things in her own life with situations going on in mine to help give a better perspective, and being able to relate to someone else helped me feel less alone. My coach would also have me take time to reflect on all the positive things that happened between our sessions, and being able to focus on good vibes when you seem to be in a world of nothing but bad makes the world of a difference, especially when you suffer from anxiety and depression.

I'd recommend my coach to any goal oriented individual seeking advice in healthier diets and the pursuit of general wellbeing."

-Gina C., Sarasota, FLorida

"Highly recommend Christina and The Green Spatula. I added pounds (the pregnant look on a guy is just not right!), was not active and extremely stressed. I was drawn to Christina's personal health journey and transformation, but figured it took too much work and wouldn't work for me. But there was something different and genuine ... so I took a leap of faith. I'm not even halfway through my sessions and WOW what a positive difference I am already seeing - I'm making healthier food choices, am dropping the weight (yep, good bye gut!) and feel more energetic. I look forward to seeing future positive changes. Christina's demeanor and approach is casual, yet assertive to keep me accountable. Love her motivations and recommendations for improving. Thanks for making a personal difference in such a short time!"

- R. Donley, Orlando, Florida